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    I've been looking for the past half hour and I can't seem to find a OTA link anywhere. I tried sending a link by SMS thought the Buzzd site a few times and I didn't get anything, I have SMS updates turned on.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, does anyone know how I can integrate it with my Twitter account. I imported my FB account with it but can't seem to find the option for Twitter.

    Also, when I go to the mobile site and click on download for BlackBerry it just download's a launcher...Not the actual app...
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    05-20-09 07:11 PM
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    Hey, I know this is a little late and hopefully you eventually found buzzd, but I wanted to point you to this link (I can't post a real link because I am a n00b):

    appworld DOT blackberry DOT com/webstore/content/1865/buzzd

    buzzd was updated to version 1.2 today and added these features:

    Users now have the ability to add their own venuesone of the most requested features from the buzzd community
    Users can now refine searches by category (e.g. restaurants only or bars & clubs only)
    Added ability to upload profile photos
    General speed enhancements all around and UI improvements

    I hope you enjoy it! Happy buzzing!
    08-06-09 07:09 PM
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    Search buzzd, pops right up.

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    08-06-09 08:04 PM