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    Hi I just bought a new curve 8520 and I've been trying to download facebook v2.0. I already have the v1.9 and I just can't figure out why I can't upgrade it to the latest version. When ever I try to download it, it always ends up saying "does not meet system requirements". My os is v4.6 and it is brand new so I believe everything should be updated. If anyone can help or provide a solution, I would really appreciate it. Cheers!

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    07-29-11 01:50 AM
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    You may need to upgrade the OS :- Connect it to the Desktop software and check for a update and let it update.

    After that try to get the update again

    Hope this helps

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    07-29-11 09:40 AM
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    First off after reading the reviews of the fb upgrade on bb app world, I hear it is freezing A LOT of phones. Found some reviews just about your (mine too) phone. Secondly, upgrading to OS 5 is a good idea. You can search for directions right here in the forums. Do you already have any 3rd party apps? Make sure when you click on the App oader u go to advanced. There u will find All the apps your phone has now. Just check off what u don't wanna lose and make sure are your core apps. I think they r marked so u don't accidently lose any. When I did myy upgrade from 4.6 to 5.0 I downloaded it from my carrior site (in my case att) I kep my desktop manager closed and downlaoded it to the desktop of my laptop then io opened the file and hit run it auto goes into ur DM. The version I use is: there are newer versions but this stable and the newer one bricked my phone! Then just plug ur phone into usb and when DM "sees" ur phone and u click ur phone to use "mass media" (IF u have a media card installed) just hit App Loader and go from there. It"ll take over an hour so have a good book at the ready or a dvd to watch. Good luck!

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    07-29-11 08:49 PM
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    @stylesclashswanton and @triquetra

    tnx for the suggestions ill try updating my os and il get back to u if all goes well. cheers!
    08-01-11 03:54 AM