1. whitechip's Avatar
    It said "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry App World".

    I've been try to download it via Ota, but it suddenly said like that.

    Even I've try to download or update it via app world, there is no update from RIM....

    My system is :

    BlackBerry® 9860
    smartphone (3G, Wi-Fi)
    7.0 Bundle 1465 (v7.0.0.296, Platform
    3G Bands 1,4,8
    Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.7.0
    Branding Version:
    Micro Edition Configuration: CLDC-1.1
    Micro Edition Profile: MIDP-2.1
    Micro Edition JTWI Version: 1.0
    Micro Edition Media Version: 1.1
    Micro Edition PIM Version: 1.0
    Micro Edition File Version: 1.0
    Micro Edition Bluetooth Version: 1.1
    Micro Edition Location Version: 1.0.1
    Micro Edition Security and Trust Services (APDU) Version: 1.0
    WLAN Version:

    Can somebody solve this problem, please ?
    Because I don't have any idea to solve it, thank you
    04-21-12 11:27 AM
  2. mrtouchedme's Avatar
    What version of appworld are you running, and what version are you trying to upgrade to?

    Appworld usually has updates show up on your phone when they are available, you can try refreshing appworld and then battery pull...mine usually shows the updates right after a reboot

    You can get the beta version from beta zone

    Upgrade your os to 7.1 there's probably new versions of appworld packaged with .342 and .402

    I believe there are ota download of appworld on bbh's website, but the site is down for maintenance this weekend...monday it should be good to go

    Or download the newer os's, extract the appworld files and load just those on your phone
    04-21-12 09:30 PM