1. vecharo's Avatar
    I downloaded BBM 5.0. I'm stating it just in case it's related but I really can't see how it could be related to not being able to go to add apps.

    I'm running .282 on MS Vista using DM 4.6.

    I did a wipe after installing BBM 5.0 because after the install BerryBuzz didn't work. So, did the wipe, reinstalled everything and all is well....Except I needed to reinstall TimelySMS (schedules text mgs). Now I could just write to the company like I have in the past to have them resend me the download link. They are always very timely (excuse the pun), however I regularly back up my 3rd part apps so I figured why bother when I can just reload the app? I've tried 3 times to go to app loader and then choose ADD. No Dice. Each time it gets hung up at the Task in Progress screen where it says, "Searching for available device software" so I never get to the part where I can actually choose ADD. Currently, it's 12:54pm Eastern Time. I started apploader at 12:22pm and the screen is still hanging. Like in the past I'll have to go to task mgr to force the quit of DM.

    Any takers on what's going on with DM? (funny how typing will bring up ideas...I'll try doing an uninstall and reinstall of the DM). But in the interim if anyone has any other ideas, please post.
    07-26-09 01:00 PM
  2. vecharo's Avatar
    Nope, re-installing the DM didn't work. I actually upgraded to 4.7 and still got hung up when trying to run apploader.
    07-26-09 02:40 PM