1. scoot3r999's Avatar

    I was trying to install Windows Live Messenger using Desktop manager 4.7 when my system crashed (blue screen).

    My BB Storm's screen went blank and it rebooted after several minutes. I was not able to add or remove Windows Live Messenger through the Application Center or through desktop manager.

    I wiped the BB - including apps in the hopes of starting over. It wiped ok, but Windows Live Messenger is still stuck.

    I tried to remove it using Desktop Manager - and it did that after the wipe -but when I try to add, the loader getst stuck on...

    loading net_rim_bb_qm_msn.cod

    It gets about 1/2 way and stops (left it there for 1/2 hour). I can disconnect it from the USB connection and the BB restarts and works again.

    I really want to have Messenger on the phone but am stuck.

    Would something like CrackMem help?

    01-21-09 07:02 PM
  2. Pirus's Avatar
    Sorry to bump an old thread, i have this problem with my 8310.
    Installing Live messenger through BB Appworld App. Phone crashed and i battery pulled.
    Messenger is now installed, however desktop manager doesnt see it and i dont really want it using my memory.

    Any ideas?
    01-17-10 07:49 AM