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    I have been trying to two days straight to access MLB gameday audio on my Verizon Blackberry Curve 8330. The instructions on the mlbdotcom site homepage make it sound easy peasy--go to the site on your phone and click the Gameday audio link. Great. Except not. There is no link for Gameday Audio on the homepage. So then I go into the "More games" (under scores and schedules) link and there is a banner link for Gameday audio. Well clicking on that allowed me to set up my account (step 1) but step 2-payment-always gives me an error message that says something to the effect of "an unknown error has occurred please try again later". And I have--about 300 times now. I called customer service and the rep told me I would have to sign up on the computer and then listen on my phone. When I pointed out that the mlb.com FAQ page specifically states you have to have a separate subscription for a mobile device she became very confused and put me on hold for several minutes. When she came back she said I should just email the support page from my phone. Which I did. The response was this "To learn about the product available for your Blackberry please visit mlb dot com slash mobile".

    Can someone please help me out?!? I feel like this should be so easy but it's really becoming a headache. I see some threads from last year but nothing recent and nothing discussing any problems. I'm starting to feel like a real moron! Is everyone/anyone else seeing a link for the audio on the homepage?

    Last thing--I have already tried to click on one of the links for a live game and that's no dice as well. Thanks in advance!
    03-04-10 08:29 AM
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    I'm having the exact same issue - i've emailed the MLB customer support repeatedly and received no reply. I also have called but never get through to anyone.

    Please let me know if you've figured out a way to resolve this since your post

    03-04-10 03:03 PM
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    Still haven't gotten a good response. I spent 25 minutes of my lunch hour on hold yesterday trying to get through to tech support. I had to head back to work before I ever even reached someone live.

    I thought maybe they weren't broadcasting the Spring Training games or something, but all evidence to the contrary on both the website and what I've come across on the mobile site. In fact, the links for live games show as hyperlinks on the mobile site, but you can't actually click on them.

    I'm planning on trying again today and might post something on the forums on MLBdotcom. I honestly don't know how such a huge enterprise can't make something as simple as an audio stream seamless and easy....
    03-05-10 07:11 AM
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    I was able to reach tech support this morning and was told they do not handle issues with mobile. I was directed to contact customer service via email. mlb-mobile-cs at mlb dot com. I'll update with any reply I receive. At this point I'm not holding my breath.
    03-05-10 08:56 AM
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    after hours more of trying to get this sorted out I just ended up making an account at moodio.fm. I am currently streaming WGN--not sure if they will be broadcasting the Cubs game today, but I just wasted the entire morning trying to get things sorted out and I'm done with it for the time being.

    Hopefully I'll hear back from mlb dot com yet today and I will update if I do.
    03-05-10 11:01 AM
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    The problem with the curve and pearl is the 4.5 operating systems on the units...the 4.5 is not a system that is compatible with gameday audio! The 4.0 version IS compatible, but good luck trying to get an older version of blackberry re-installed.
    03-07-10 08:50 AM
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    The problem with the curve and pearl is the 4.5 operating systems on the units...the 4.5 is not a system that is compatible with gameday audio! The 4.0 version IS compatible, but good luck trying to get an older version of blackberry re-installed.
    I have a US Cellular 8330 with OS 4.5 and listened to Gameday Audio all last year. If it is not compatible it is a new development.

    The problem may be with the BB. It is a problem with wap.mlb.com, which does not have a link to Gameday Audio. Check it out -- type this address into your computer browser, and the link is missing there too.

    For kicks, though, I typed in wap.mlb.com/audio, and a page showed up with a link to "Listen Live". When I clicked on it though, my 8330 gave me an error message telling me that the link was not supported.

    Keep bombarding MLB.com "Contact Us" link. Gameday audio worked on my BB last year. They ought to be able to fix this without much effort.
    03-07-10 06:01 PM
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    I tried to get this as well. I have heard from others that it is a verizon issue, they don't want to support it because it would take a lot of band width. Not sure if that's true or not, but it says my phone is not compatible if I go to their app store. On MLB it says it is. When I click on my phone to subscribe it tells me not available yet. Makes me wonder if there isn't something to the verizon band width thing. Seems odd though.
    03-07-10 07:07 PM
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    I have a Verizon Tour. MLB gameday audio says not available, and to check back soon. So I was able to speak to tech support yesterday. They said it would be available on March 15th.
    03-07-10 07:12 PM
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    I have a Verizon Tour. MLB gameday audio says not available, and to check back soon. So I was able to speak to tech support yesterday. They said it would be available on March 15th.
    This is hopeful.

    Regarding the bandwidth comment above, my experience last year was that the streams seemed to be running at a relatively moderate bitrate, i.e. nowhere near the audio quality of Pandora or Slacker, or iheartradio for that matter. If this is a "problem" to Verizon, I'd be surprised. People pay for 3g to get services like Gameday Audio.
    03-07-10 08:20 PM
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    I got an email response from the customer service stating that the Gameday Audio "product" will be available on March 15th. Just wanted to post an update like I said I would. Hopefully it will be an easy process at that point.
    03-08-10 10:08 AM
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    ok so the official word on the mlb website states that starting today the 18th, Gameday Audio will be available.

    Did I miss something--becuz it is still not available.

    Has anyone figured out what is going on? Is it a problem with everything on MLB.com or just Blackberrys or just mobile phones or what?

    I know I can just use Moodio to access radio stations (in most cases)--but I was really looking forward to using the actual product from MLB.

    I have honestly never seen an industry with such a poorly distributed/managed product that also has completely ineffective means of troubleshooting or support.
    03-18-10 01:05 PM
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    When you go to the Gameday Audio for mobile homepage, it clearly shows the Curve 8330 at the top as a supported device.

    The interesting thing is that first paragraph--where it now says "coming soon" it used to say "Coming March 18th". So it seems that MLB just keeps pushing this thing back.

    More later...
    03-19-10 07:17 AM
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    No need to be rude BW. I did read what you read, and I was unable to provide a link to the mobile home page in my last post. But accessing it clearly shows MLB GAMEDAY AUDIO is available.

    Also, the link on the mlbdotcom mobile page is now up for listening live. It's also available on the individual team mobile sites. Subscribing was absolutely simple and I am listening to a game as I type. Guess it was just a matter of MLB sorting out their product.

    So it appears Gameday Audio is indeed available.
    03-19-10 03:13 PM
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    I saw the same thing you did and purchased Gameday audio because of that - why wouldn't you? I don't feel that if you get the piece of information you are looking for in one FAQ, why would you look elsewhere to see if it's not true? Because of what BW is saying, it comes up as an unsupported format on my phone. For the record, I have been e-mailing back and forth all afternoon with MLB.com and they have advised that even with Premium as BW suggested, it's now not supported with the curve, which is not by any stretch an ancient phone - it's only supported on the new curve. When I pointed out the error on their website, they didn't even try to apologize or help or anything, they just told me to get my money back from blackberry app world, which doesn't make any sense to me when I purchased this from MLB.com. Oh and by the way, I have Sprint, so it's not a Verizon thing.
    03-19-10 05:35 PM
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    Very interestingly, I just tried to access gameday mobile audio on my phone for tonight's game, and I am getting this one just fine. Couldn't get this afternoon's. And I do have BB curve and I do have just regular game day audio.
    03-19-10 06:08 PM
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    never mind - figured the whole thing out
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    03-28-10 12:49 PM
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    anyone figure this out for the mobile premium? i keep getting the error has occurred and to try again later. i'm using a sprint tour. ive emailed them a few times today and no luck at all
    04-06-10 07:30 PM
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    I've been getting that error since Sunday also - I emailed MLB and they said that they are aware of this issue and are working on it, but provided no additional information, however I just found this on an MLB affiliated site:

    There has been an issue with site login, that the engineering team is working to resolve as quickly as possible which is why you are getting the error. Sorry for any inconvenience. Gameday Audio will be available to you when the service is restored.

    Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.
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    04-06-10 09:31 PM
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    It's working for me again today. The sound is a bit choppy at times, but generally adequate.
    04-07-10 06:58 PM