1. charliehcrackberry's Avatar
    It's quirky as the dickens.

    First, when I start BB Desktop, it always wants me to update three languages, dutch, and two others. The only language I have installed is English.

    Then I go to Application Loader->Start, and there are no languages checked.
    Let's say I don't check anything new or uncheck anything. It says it's going to remove the tree languages (which were not checked in the list to begin with), and that it going to install aces solitaire. Each time I run app loader, it removes the three languages and installs aces soliaire.

    Then, it reboots the blackberry. Why should it be necessary to reboot the blackberry after installing or removing apps?

    Then, if you get an exe installer from a third party app supplier, the exe runs something that looks like the bb desktop app loader. It has a checkbox to hide alread-installed third party apps. You check that, becuase the app you're trying to install isn't ever checked, even though I ran an install program specifically for that app. In this case, all other third party apps are deleted.

    I find nothing intuitive or sensible in this dialog.
    06-20-09 07:21 PM