1. coles-torch's Avatar
    Is there an APP I can get to silence the camera? For the curve 9300

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    04-12-11 06:19 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    there used to be some, and there still might be some.
    but it has been deemed bad practice because of the new laws for cameras in private places.

    A lot of developers stopped updating them for security reasons.

    you can refer back to the other thread you started for more information on this.

    04-12-11 06:23 PM
  3. Ben Bubble's Avatar
    One 'work around' - although not 'ideal' is to open the camera and take a screenshot using a screenshot app.
    04-17-11 12:27 PM
  4. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    QuickLaunch offers this option, but it is not free. Very helpful app all the way around.
    04-17-11 06:36 PM
  5. satanberry's Avatar
    CameraMutaApp works well, even with OS 6.


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    04-18-11 12:33 AM
  6. amyswan's Avatar
    A guy by the name of Fabian developed the app called the "Camera Mute App". The best thing about it is that you can control if you want to mute/unmute the shutter sound. You can't beat that.
    04-18-11 01:21 AM
  7. pmusngi's Avatar
    The Camera Mute App doesn't work for me on the 9800 .526 =/
    04-18-11 01:49 AM