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    Hi All,
    Been shopping around for a call blocker/screener. Most call blockers however, are to block certain numbers. I need something that will block all numbers except a few. I work night shift and I want to block all calls except from my kids, my husband, and the school. I think "iberry Whitelist" does that. They have a 7 day trial which I probably will try out. ($5.99 thereafter, which is ok if it works) But I've read that people have had trouble with their customer service and that it resets itself to Trial Mode after an OS upgrade and they can't get anyone there to respond.
    Another one, is X-Blocker.(not to be confused with X-Blockr ... X-Blocker is the one on AppWorld.) .. X-Blocker looks like it might work but there is no trial for me to see if it does.

    Can someone give me feedback on these two apps, or suggest another one. Free would be great.. because I don't need a lot of fancy bells and whistles. Just block everyone except these numbers. (stay mute/send to voicemail) Or if there is a way to do this manually in the phone, that actually would be ideal.

    Thanks in advance
    03-17-12 12:41 PM
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    I just now installed the iberry blacklist & whitelist. I don't see any help files on it but all it does is gives me the option to put someone from my address book into the blacklist or the whitelist. If it does do what I need it to then I can't see how. If it would let me actually edit the blacklist to say "all" or * or something then I'd add my numbers to the whitelist.

    So, looking for suggestions before I drop 3 bucks on X-Blocker and might find out it doesn't work for what I need it.
    03-17-12 01:27 PM
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    call control pro will let you block you blacklist and allow calls only from your contact list. You can also block all calls.
    03-17-12 09:25 PM
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    Can it block all calls except a few select people in my contact list? ..

    All of the apps I've seen will either block all calls, or all calls except allow the whole contact list ... I don't want to do that...
    I want to block all calls except 4 specific contacts.

    Just downloaded a trial of EZ Call Filter by Ottafone. Supposed to do it. Have to set it up and try it.
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    03-17-12 09:40 PM
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    Try Advanced Call Manager. It does the job and more.

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    03-17-12 09:54 PM