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    ok so here is the thing i wanted a app that could just ditch calls and wouldnt bother me and send them straight to vmail...now i use youmail and i love it but it wont send certain calls to vmail which is what i wanted(and i dont want to do the whole apply a silent ringer to them thing)however i do restrict them from leaving vmail which is a good thing..lol...now i recently tried Callsblocker cause it was free and it worked the first few times now it really doesnt want to...am i doing something wrong? can someone tell me if u set allow for all the permissions? how should my settings be in order for it to work? the other thing was that i wanted to try out call blocker which is 99cents but i heard some people saying it didnt work very good...i have read on black and white list..what do u guys think about it?? how much is it? is there anything out there that actually works and is free or just cheap???? my last question is this..if i use black and white list will that interfere with youmail at all??? i still want to keep on using youmail so that certain people cant leave me vmail and because of the custom greetings u can put for callers... Thanks In Advance!!!!!!!
    03-19-09 12:31 PM
  2. onelolife's Avatar
    Look for "Cerberus Call Filter". Works perfect for me. It blocks all unknown and private (if you choose) and snds them directly to VM. It also has an option to add numbers from call logs.

    Found it here on CB in the App center
    03-19-09 03:55 PM