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    I know there are a bunch of posts on this subject, but none of them are helping me understand how and why the group calendar functions the way it does.

    Let me simplify everything.

    I use google calendar connected to my email address.

    Using my main google calendar/account, I connect to two other calendars, my corporate google calendar, which is shared by my company to me, and my work calendar that I've shared with myself. So basically, my one account, has my calendar, plus two additional ones that I connect two.

    I use google sync to connect to my personal calendar. It works great, and it even pulls down all the other calendars that I connect to, via my personal account.

    What I can't seem to understand is why EVERYTHING i listed under the GROUP calendar. All facebook entries are listed under the "default" calendar. When I create a new appointment on the phone itself, my only options are 1. my personal email 2. my work email 3. GROUPS. There is no default calendar option. Sooo strange. I can't understand it. I'm constantly getting messages that pop up and ask me "share calendar with group?" Sometimes I have to hit "no" about 25 times, just for it to go away. This is happening when someone adds an appointment from my work or corporate office, I think. Can anyone simply how this works so we can all understand?

    05-02-10 08:06 PM