1. schrochem#CB's Avatar
    So I like google maps and I like google calendar.
    I use google sync for contacts and calendar and it works well for me.

    I use the 'location' part of google calendar.
    However, when I see that in the native blackberry calendar it would open that location up in blackberry maps.

    I searched and found a few people wanting to have their contacts open in google maps but not calendar.

    I went to options and tried to change the 'maps' default to google but it only had blackberry as a choice (why is it even there?).
    Then I moved google maps to the applications folder.
    Then I removed blackberry maps and rebooted.
    None of that worked. Now the 'maps' in options is gone, lol!
    If I go to calendar it will no longer link the location to a map (because I deleted blackberry maps).

    So......any way to do this?
    If I open google calendar through the browser, that link takes you to a google map via the browser, not google maps running local.

    I would like to open calendar, see my appointment, click location (have it go to google maps), then I can say navigate to there from my current location.

    thoughts, comments or peanuts are welcome.
    04-20-10 03:41 PM