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    I use BIS only and not BES, so I rum Google sync on my PC to get my work contacts and calendar to Google. Then I run Google Sync on my tour to get them all there, I run OWA off of BIS for my work e-mail.

    I have a calendar question.
    I have my work laptop and I add an event and it syncs to google and then my Tour and shows as the calendar for my work accout, color, e-mail etc..

    But when I go to google calendar and add a new personal event there it still syncs up to Tour as a "work" calendar event.

    I even tried making a 2nd Google calendar called -personal and added a test event and it loaded as a "work event" entry.

    What is the best way to manage mutiple calendars via google sync so the events show up on your Bberry as the correct color and with the appropriate e-mail tag assigned to them

    thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions

    08-14-09 09:08 AM