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    * Compatible with OS4.3+
    * Works on all carriers and not just North America
    * Block any phone number
    * Block unknown or private callers
    * With Advanced Blocking enabled your BlackBerry will not make any sounds when calls are blocked
    * Integrates with system Sound Profiles when Advanced Blocking is enabled

    * Block wildcard. eg: 1800* will block all calls starting with 1800
    * Pickup and Hangup. Do not allow caller to leave you a voice mail
    * Quick block marketing callers: eg: 1800, 1866, 1877 and 1888 callers
    * Match last digits in the number. This feature is useful for International users where you can tell BuzzOff to match on the last 3-10 digits in the phone number for blocking
    * Adjust the blocking and hangup delay time for better results
    * Integrate with CallLog, Messages and AddressBook apps. Block caller directly in these apps (Due to a bug on some of the BBOS you can not block from the CallLog, the work around is to use the Messages app or log all calls in BuzzOff and block from there)
    * Enable Do Not Disturb for specific period from 30mins to 8 hours. Only caller with type ALLOW will be able to call you when DND is enabled
    * Save all incoming calls to the logfile.
    * Export and Import filters for backup or when you upgrade OS
    * Easy to use

    Click here for BuzzOff FAQ

    Click here to download trial version BuzzOff - Block unwanted callers and do not allow caller to leave voicemail
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    So I've had a few hours to test and play around with the new version and I have to say "absolutely perfect". In the last version a few complained about their phone ringing or "1 missed call" being displayed when a pickup/hangup blocked call would take place. Well this is the end of that crap!

    With the new look it delivers as promised. I have taken sometime and made a video which outlines my OS, settings and shows the new version in action. In the video it shows no more ringing or missed calls notification.

    You did a great job on the new version and look forward to updates....not sure what else you could possible offer but either way I look forward to them.

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    Tested it out (a lot), and it is COMPLETELY silent, no buzz, no ring no noise. I am able to sleep at night! lol. The Do Not Disturb feature is great for when I can't get to the phone but don't want to put it in airplane mode. ToySoft has heard user complaints and in turned cranked out a working and fantastic app! Definitely my favorite app out of all my blackberry apps, Im not afraid to give out my number anymore, if I get harassed just set it to pick up and hangup! Thanks again!
    05-04-10 07:57 PM