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    I've recently downloaded the free version of BuzzMe from the BB App World. I love the program and its notifications, but I've noticed that whenever I lose reception then get reception again, it will vibrate and flash the LED with the color I picked. Is there a way to only have it buzz me and blink the LED light when there's a missed call, a new sms or bbm message, and a new email only? I don't want it to blink the LED light because of reception or jumping from my carrier to a roaming partner's network.

    I tried playing with the options, but I'm a buit confused. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    05-16-10 08:23 AM
  2. Kylecore's Avatar
    I believe if you go to your profiles and select normal you can turn of the roaming/service indicator vibrate and flash there and not within the actual buzzme app.

    Also I don't recommend buzzme they said I get free upgrades for a year and I haven't gotten one, ever. Plus its always running in the background. There's tons of other led colour switchers that take up less memory and run better and have more features that I suggest you grab because I highly regret buzzme.

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    05-16-10 07:56 PM