1. N1XY's Avatar

    I have installed buzzme on my curve 8520. The first time it worked fine but since a recent upgrade i have an issue with the phone still vibrating when someone posts on my facebook even though I have the phone on quiet. I have been through the menu's and set everything correctly but still it does this. It works fine otherwise. I found this on the Q&A of the site but have no idea how to change the settings.

    Q. Why does my phone still vibrate when I set the Profile to silent or Off?
    A1. Currently no third party application can access the information about internal sound profiles, so BuzzMe doesn't know you've selected silent. For the time being you need to disable vibration manually in the Buzz Me settings screen.

    Any help appreciated.

    02-24-10 11:21 AM
  2. Deliriou5's Avatar
    I am having a similar problem maybe someone can address. Whenever Facebook give me a notification, I have it set to vibrate and send a tone. Sometimes, after I have cleared the message, it continues to vibrate w/led light flashing. The only way I can get it to quit is to do a battery pull. Is this something in my settings? Maybe another problem?

    03-25-10 03:21 PM