1. uva79's Avatar
    New to the forum - just purchased Bucks Finder application from BB app world to find local starbucks whenever I travel (jealous of the Iphone app..) and once I bought it, turned it on, it thinks I am in Canada, which I am NOT. Sent email to support team and heard nothing. Does anyone else have this application or know anything about it?
    04-14-10 12:15 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    The new Bucks Finder is fastest, easiest and friendliest way to find your nearest Starbucks Coffee using advance non GPS location technology or GPS.

    This rich and robust application comes with these added features that the other does not:
    1. Supporting Advance non GPS location Algorithm or GPS Triangulation
    2. List of up to 16+ locations of your nearest locations, if exists.
    3. Built-in Google Maps w/pins showing the locations near you map view of locations
    4. Built-in BlackBerry® Maps support.
    5. Ability to Add Contact to address book.
    6. Ability to check Starbucks card balance
    7. Ability to make call at location.
    8. Ability to Add Favourite Locations.
    9. Ability to share the experiences with friends and family via email.
    We are happy to make your experience finding the nearest Starbucks location that much more enjoyable. We want to thank you all who have downloaded the app.

    Bucks finder will only use non GPS advance location algorithm for customers do not have GPS Enabled devices.

    The services provided to our customers, are not associated or nor affiliated with any particular brand or company such as Starbucks or its affiliations.
    It appears the "Advance non GPS location Algorithm" needs some fine tuning.

    GPS & BlackBerry MapsIncludes BlackBerry® Maps BlackBerry Storm2 9550: Integrated
    GPS with assisted-GPS capabilities BlackBerry Storm ...
    I would think your GPS would accurately locate your position. Are you not able to make that setting?

    You should contact the developers for clarification.
    04-14-10 12:53 PM
  3. jckettwig's Avatar
    I downloaded the app, BBstorm said it was installed. I tried to open it and an agree/disagree screen came up. Clicked "agree", started browser, requested and went to a terms and conditions screen with all the pages that go with that, but there was no where else to click or say I agreed. I can't get any further than the terms pages. Can't get into the program. Help
    04-14-10 07:02 PM