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    Which of the above 3 mentioned Apps are the all around best?
    08-10-09 10:40 PM
  2. NastyNeil's Avatar
    Sorry all, before you chew me out, I will chew myself out. I didn't really do a good search to see what others thought about these three apps. I just wanted to know of the 3, which users prefer.
    08-10-09 10:42 PM
  3. huskyfan10's Avatar
    I found where to run a little slow on my 8330. Live search works great for me though

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    08-11-09 03:00 AM
  4. winxpguy's Avatar
    I think WHERE sucks!

    The real competition is between BTSidekick & Poynt.

    If you are looking for 'pure' local search and all-in-one, I feel BTSidekick is better.

    I design user interfaces and it looks like these guys have done all the right stuff; they have identified the most common services that people search for and provided a list of favorites (Of course, the top 3 services seem like it benefits the company that created the App, which I would understand since they have to monetize the App). So all you need to do is point and click, and they have kept user-typing to a minimum. Also, Maps are built-in to the App, so you don't end up opening another App and toggling back and forth. And lastly, I like seeing the 'Street Address' in the Location bar; Very cool

    Poynt is a more mature app; they have been around since last year. It looks like BTSidekick is the 'new kid on the block'; BTSidekick was launched in July.

    Poynt supports all blackberries and has extras like reverse look-up and movies. They also integrate with Google Maps & BB Maps. I think I read somewhere that they will allow you to book tables at restaurants in the next version.

    I read on the BTSidekick 'About' page, that they will offer support for the Storm in the next version, and some other 'Application Enhancements', so at that time they will also support all blackberries (Probably September). I also read that they will integrate with Google Maps & BB Maps in a future version. Since these guys just got started, I am sure there is more good stuff to come...
    08-11-09 10:38 AM