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    I just opened up and used the Bolt browser and got an update notice. I updated the version but haven't noticed any differences so far. I have a question: why can't I watch youtube videos on the bolt browser? I click to watch a video and get prompted to that bolt wishes to invoke the native browser instead. For some reason, I can't watch youtube videos on my native browser either. I have no idea why I can't when before I could watch videos without any problems. Any help will be greatly appreciated, folks. Oh yeah, and I have a curve 8320 Os 4.5.182. Thanks.

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    04-15-10 12:04 PM
  2. Blacklac's Avatar
    If it is 2.02, it came out a few days ago.

    Sorry, i can't help with the video issue. Maybe go into options and do the video setup. Seems like if you do the video setup and always select "no" or video didn't display, or whatever, you would be forced to download the video and play in media player. I don't think youtube allows that though. That could be wrong too, i just seem to remember reading something like that in the FAQ in Bolt. Either way, reading the FAQ is a good start...
    04-15-10 12:08 PM