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    I've purchased three of your themes (this one, crossbar plus extreme 2 and iberry crossbar plus). This one is my favorite thus far: clean, elegant, functional and without losing too much. With the crossbar plus extreme, I lost visible highlighting of selected folder and 3rd party icons (I do have the version with captions). With the iberry crossbar plus, I lost the profiles indicator/button (putting the regular profiles icon in first position is a clunky solution, particularly with the scrolling icon bar).

    With the Zoom Custom Bottom Zen Plus I have two suggestions/requests I hope you will consider. (Keep in mind my perfectionism! )

    Here is JC's original for reference:

    1. Adding the captions feature - small font just above the bottom dock. I use folders and it is helpful to get more cues for identifying them as well as all of the icons.
    2. A little more differentiation with your custom folders. You replaced the standard folders such as setup, games, applications all with a single folder type. A nice one, but still the same. How about using your design, but putting some differentiation like a downward arrow for downloads, a gear for setup, etc.

    For example:

    Here is a screenshot of your theme on my Bold as it is now.. I modified an existing BB wallpaper:

    02-20-09 01:45 PM