1. PlatinumEstates's Avatar
    Definitely related. The clock drained happened three times and every time after I deleted viigo, it stopped occurring. Just to give everyone the heads up, I was using the most recent version of viigo.

    Now that I'm probably never going back to using viigo unless that problem is fixed, anyone else got an rss reader i can use?
    10-01-08 11:34 PM
  2. Hazysky's Avatar
    I have viigo but I have auto updates turned off, whether or not this would help your battery drain I don't know I also close the application so that its not running in the background..

    Newsgator is another RSS reader that you might like to try out.

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    10-02-08 02:26 AM
  3. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I've had viigo on my 8330, don't know if this has any bearing since you have the bold, since I got it at the end of may. I have had the CB edition version that was out prior to the public beta of viigo tango. I have also installed public beta release 2 and 3 and each time left it open all the time with update interval set to 2 hours and didn't notice any impact to battery consumption. If it consumes any more battery than not using it I can't tell. So perhaps it is either a fluke or something related to the bold OS version. If you didn't try the viigo tango public beta version I would try it just to see if the same occurs. Especially if you really like the app and would like to continue using it. If it was the viigo tango public beta's most recent version that the problem occurs with then assuming it is for sure viigo that is the cause then I can only assume that they will work the bug out and you will be able to use the next version. Seeing as you say the problem no longer occurs when viigo is removed then my guess would be as you guess that it is related somehow to it.
    10-05-08 10:42 PM