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    I took my 9900 out of my pocket today to check the time. It was 10 past the hour. My girlfriend was with me and said that's wrong because she checked her iPhone not 10 minutes before and had read the same time. So I touched my phone to go to Settings. Nothing. It was frozen. It eventually popped into settings a few minutes later. So I fought my way into the application manager to find the culprit. Now, I don't use a lot of apps and I close them properly when I finish with them. It showed me WhatsApp using 80% of my CPU. I clicked on WhatsApp to see the history. It has been running non-stop all day. I haven't used WhatsApp in months. What was it doing? I had 40% battery left from a full charge. It showed a point where it was using 100% CPU for 35 minutes today. I deleted it. My 9900 has never been snappier. I can't wait for BBM cross platform. Now if people ask me to get WhatsApp I can tell them I only use BBM. If they don't like BBM they can text me. I don't care for shoddy garbage apps. I know a lot of people that like it but I cannot after today. I need my phone to work I don't need WhatsApp. End Rant.
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    06-01-13 05:48 PM
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    I am so looking forward to deleting WhatsApp from my Z10!
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    06-02-13 11:40 AM
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    As I wander through the CB forums I'm starting to notice more and more half-@ssed applications written for BlackBerry. I mean for BB10 there seems to be quite a bit, take EBay app for example. Facebook and twitter I guess would be the only ones sort of BBs fault but even still I haven't heard of too many apps made by manufacturers. As for BBOS there were plenty of garbage apps. I expected better from WhatsApp. What would it be doing for 35 minutes straight that it could not finish and render my phone nearly useless? Anyone have a clue?
    06-02-13 12:09 PM

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