1. DigiGirl's Avatar
    I have a Bold 9700 unlocked running on T-Mobile.
    For the past four days now, I have been having the following issues;

    -AppWorld freezing phone, requiring restart or battery pull
    -Signal showing randomly okay, or SOS, either requires reboot or reconnect to signals.
    -Phone saying "Insert SIM Card" but it's been in it..... Remove it, wipe it off and reinsert.... Once the long dreadful wait for the phone to come back up, it's working again. But, for how long THiS time????
    -Various apps and even when NOT trying to run an app the phone, just simply use for a call or whatnot, it's freezing... Then comes up with an error saying critical error please restart or something.... ???? All non-necessary apps are closed out and not shown as running. No new apps are installed.
    -Facebook alerts are no longer going to my phone all the time, just randomly
    -Status updates from my phone are sometimes being sent 3-4 times because it shows a red X or failed.... Finally goes through, but my husband is not getting EVERY status update like he was just days ago.

    My phone stats are as follows::::
    V5.0.0.174 (Platform
    3G bands 1, 4, 8

    NO settings have been changed!
    ALL settings worked a mere four days ago, but now they're sporadic to say the least. Settings are verified UNchanged.

    Anyone have any hints or ideas as to what can be causing this? I do have a recent backup if I MUST wipe and reload... Not really wanting to though!
    Any steps to go through for troubleshooting would be great.... It's getting very aggravating and annoying to keep having to reboot or do a battery pull.

    Is anyone else out there having problems with Facebook right now, or their signal acting weird?
    09-03-12 11:59 PM
  2. carullo's Avatar
    the easiest way would be to unistall the apps and see if the problem goes away then reinstall one app at a time....all things being equal something had to change.If it doesnt workout any better then youre gonna have to wipe and reload the os.....good luck
    09-04-12 12:28 AM