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    I'm never EVER one to write in a post about an app, but I was thinking today that since I'm using the Plantronics Voyager 520 headset I just purchased, it'd be nice if I could have a caller ID on my laptop through the bluetooth, considering its on all the time in my Tour ... I stumbled upon blurts, which I guess was just released and for $4.99 its AMAZING! I can send TX messages from it, through the phone, see ones that come in, see emails alerts, call alerts, hand up calls coming in or existing ones, makes phone calls, etc - what a GREAT app! It seems to run very solidly so far - its the best $5 I spent in a long time! If anyone is looking for caller ID, this is THE app to use! you can use the free version as well, it'll just give you basic alerts about incoming calls w/ the caller ID, and it'll conenct your bluetooth automatically.

    12-04-09 05:55 PM