1. Anatomy's Avatar
    I think I'm in love with the VQ Mileage Tracker for automatically recording my driving to a log... only problem I've got is with finding a suitable BT device to pair my phone to so that it can be truly automatic.

    For bluetooth stuff I usually use headsets for talking and pc for syncing but I really want something that will turn on and off (connect and disconnect) with the ignition of my car (powered 12v outlet powers down when the car is not running). It appears that VQ sells something for this on their website, which you can buy bundled with their software, but I've been watching for 2 weeks and it's still showing out of stock.

    Is there anything else that might do this for me?? A2DP FM transmitter came to mind but I can't find any that don't have batteries to keep them running when the car turns off.

    Getting desperate! Help please
    03-16-10 01:45 PM
  2. CoolApps's Avatar
    Hi. The creators of VQ Mileage Tracker (www.4tracker) and VQ CarFinder (www.4carfinder) have a Bluetooth Car Charger that they're selling at a promo price right now that is a BB Car Charger AND simulates in-vehicle Bluetooth. This means it can work with apps like VQ Mileage Tracker, VQ CarFinder, Zoom Safer (Prevent distracted driving | ZoomSafer) and others that can automatically run when you are in your car. I don't have BT in my car (it's a 2004... ancient ) so this Charger has been amazing for me.
    05-02-10 03:17 PM