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    Hi people,

    i am trying to find and download bluCTRL but the website is kind of offline.

    What happend to it? It seemed to be a great piece of software.

    I am basically looking for a remote control for powerpoint for the blackberry. Mobimouse wont connect through my bluetooth, which is kinda lame. I need either bluCTRL or something else.

    Just got back from android and iphone back to blackberry, and i really got used to their powerpoint remotes. Regarding the getting back - if you want gettting your work done, choose blackberry. For everything else, pick between android and iphone

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    10-19-10 02:16 PM
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    The site is down? They never released a version for BlackBerrys with a 480x360 screen, so I haven't used it for a few months.

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    10-19-10 04:26 PM
  3. tezytan's Avatar
    But it **** works on my torch.....

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    10-20-10 04:05 AM
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    I meant it works.

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    10-20-10 04:05 AM
  5. grommmm's Avatar
    But it **** works on my torch.....

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    I need it to **** work on my blackberry too Where did you download it? or you had it previously?

    Does the bluCTRL-website work for you?

    10-20-10 06:03 AM
  6. tezytan's Avatar
    Downloaded last month from their official website.

    Nope. website seems down now.

    I dont understand why must we go their webby and give our email each time we want to download.

    Hi (censored),

    Your request for the bluCTRL Controller Application has been processed. Please use the following link: http://www.bluctrl.com/bbapp/(CENSORED) from your BlackBerry to download and install the application.
    This URL is unique and can only be used once.
    If you need an additional download, please visit www.bluCTRL.com/getit.aspx
    We hope you will enjoy using this application as much as we have enjoyed developing it.

    The bluCTRL Team
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  7. xeju's Avatar
    I tried this out a while ago and could never get it to work. Maybe if screen size is important, it's because I have a 480x360 9700.

    Rather than Bluetooth, I'd like to have a tool that uses WiFi. Better yet (or at the same time), I'd like to access shared Windows files over WiFi.
    10-20-10 10:47 AM
  8. tezytan's Avatar
    PS: worked on my 8900 javelin as well which as a res of 480*360
    Torch has a resolution of 360*480
    10-21-10 07:23 AM
  9. grommmm's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I found something here

    (cant post links yet, add the www part before it)

    They saved it locally. I installed it, and now trying to connect them. But the find+download part is taken care of.

    10-25-10 04:31 PM
  10. alucard76's Avatar
    How am i supposed to install it into my blackberry. Can't do it OTA, and it won't recognize the .jad or .cod file. ??????
    12-03-10 11:20 AM
  11. dndubins's Avatar
    I really miss this app, any help would be appreciated - desktop receiver software installed, but I can't install the controller on my BB.
    12-15-10 11:32 AM
  12. Prayush Gupta's Avatar

    for some reason bluCTRL is not available anymore for bb...

    use MobiMouse instead : MobiMouse - Turn Your BlackBerry Into A Mouse!

    works like a charm! as a matter of fact i am typing right now using Mobi Mouse on my PC!!

    12-20-13 01:29 PM