1. KingD67's Avatar
    Does anyone know of a good "free" blood pressure tracking application (diary) for the Blackberry? I just found out that I have high blood pressure and with no insurance this could get expensive. Any kind of App out there that I could use to help me keep track? Preferably free, as I don't have alot a cash at the moment.

    Thanks for your help.
    03-11-10 11:50 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    without it being hooked up to your body, how would the app/phone keep track of your blood pressure.
    03-12-10 12:06 AM
  3. KingD67's Avatar
    without it being hooked up to your body, how would the app/phone keep track of your blood pressure.
    Basically would just keep a daily log file of my current BP. Not to actually "check" the BP. Info would be input by myself, just asking....if nothing exists then I will just have to carry a small notepad with me for when I check my stats. Thanks.
    03-12-10 12:17 AM
  4. dictoresno's Avatar
    there are some medical based apps in appworld, and you can try searching the 3rd party apps forum (where this question shouldve been posted anyway). but i dont recall seeing an app like this. maybe you can use Docs to Go to create a spread sheet.
    03-12-10 12:56 AM
  5. 9700On3's Avatar
    actually, if there was a digital blood pressure monitor that displayed a 3d barcode that a blackberry could read, then your criteria could be settled.

    it would be cheaper than a digital blood pressure monitor with a sim to sms the data.

    any inventors here?
    03-12-10 01:20 AM
  6. SpaceLump's Avatar
    A diet app might be your best bet as you could input stats and you need to change diet anyway.
    03-12-10 04:23 AM
  7. cavingjan's Avatar
    Best thing I have used is a plain simple excel spreadsheet. Periodically you could open it on your computer and graph the results.
    03-12-10 06:47 AM
  8. pkcable's Avatar
    Moving to 3rd Party Apps
    03-12-10 11:43 AM
  9. marfaboy's Avatar
    A diet app might be your best bet as you could input stats and you need to change diet anyway.
    Yeah - definitely make sure you cut WAY back on your sodium intake. Best of luck - I was diagnosed with high BP recently, too.
    03-12-10 12:16 PM
  10. chhare's Avatar
    I was told by my doc a while back that I was "on the edge" of having high blood pressure, and he requested that I monitor my BP till my next appointment. I used Notepad which is in the applications folder and is a resident program. No app to download or pay for. I was able to keep a running diary of my BP readings and when I went back to the doc I pulled up the document on my phone to show him.
    03-12-10 12:20 PM
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    03-18-10 10:35 PM