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    Okay, I did a search, I read this post:


    but really, there is no APP for blogger like the wordpress app?

    I have 2 blogs, a new blog since I started doing Kundalini Yoga in 2009, and I blog about that and other related spiritual/health stuff here: Raj's Blog on Spiritual Nourishment

    but I also used to run another blog about my love for food, and I plan to resurrect that blog, and having an app on my BB will really help: Bangkok Restaurant Guide, review, and food critic.

    I don't want to move them both to wordpress, I tend to keep my blogs text and not image heavy, and e-mailing it to my blog is not a "solution" to me, that I like BB is usually because it doesn't require my doing/thinking too much, it makes it simpler.

    hope someone can help!
    02-28-12 03:06 AM