1. tw23's Avatar
    Hey, i got this bb curve 9300 bout a month ago, an eaelier to day it wudn let me answer my calls i done a batt pull an it was ok then i lifted later after tht an its just showin me a blank whit screen it will let me recieve an make calls ( although i cant see who im calling) but when i do a battery pull i dont even need to hold in the turn on button i can hit any button on the keypad an it just goes automatically to the blank screen its as though i didnt even do a battery pull!!!! i havent dropped it or there hasnt been no water damage! anyone have any ideas wat could be wrong?
    12-28-10 10:26 AM
  2. curve9300ap's Avatar
    Exactly the same problem with me, happened on Christmas Eve, i sent it for repair with insurance and was told yesterday my warranty doesnt cover it, and that i would have to pay 170 to repair it!
    I am just curious to know what the point in having insurance is, its a manufacturers problem and i dont see why anyone would have to pay for a fault in the phone! Sort it our Blackberry!
    01-06-11 07:36 AM