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    I have been a Palm user since the earliest days. As we all know, Palm has not kept up with the times and has been going downhill for years.

    I moved to Blackberry a while back (7290) and have just upgraded to a Bold. But I still carry around my Palm Tungsten C! Why? Because I cannot find a Blackberry replacement for InfoSelect!

    InfoSelect is a text database. Searching InfoSelect is incredibly easy and fast. And it synchronizes to my Windows desktop. I enter tech support info about the SW we support on my desktop, sync it to the Tungsten, and have it there when I am at clients (especially useful if their network is locked down and I can't access the web or our server...). And, while at clients, I enter install & billing info, then sync it back to InfoSelect on my desktop.

    I really wish that the InfoSelect people or their primary competitor, AskSam, would come out with a new version that syncs to the BlackBerry line. Anyone out there in CrackBerry land know of something similar ... and can recommend it?

    Thanks very much,

    12-21-08 02:26 PM
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    I agree completey. I am an entertainer an all my writing is done on Infoselect, both on the computer and a Palm Pilot. I keep the Palm for Infoselect. All my scheduling, writing, contacts and contracts are on it. It is one of the last non-bloated Windows software in existance.

    If I could only have one program Infoselect would be it. Though I don't use it for the web, you can, email too.

    I travel constantly and synch the palm, then back up the Palm on an SD card. I carry the card in my pocket when traveling. If something ever happens to the computer and the Palm, all I would have to do is buy a new Palm and computer, install Infoselect on the computer and restore the new Palm from the card and I have all my data, contacts, etc. I of course backup the computer too but I cannot carry the hard drive in my pocket. I like knowing I have all my scheduling and contacts along with my writing backed up on such a small device.

    The searching is incredibly fast. I've used Infoselect since version one and nothing has ever even come close to its abilities for me.

    I too wish they had it for the Blackberry. Sigh.

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    12-22-08 11:07 AM
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    all I would have to do is buy a new Palm and computer, install Infoselect on the computer and restore the new Palm from the card and I have all my data, contacts, etc.
    I had to laugh when I read this! After an install at a client 18 months ago, I realized that I didn't have my Tungsten C with me. I went back ... and couldn't find it!

    What to do? I need InfoSelect. And the keyboard on the Tungsten C is still one of the best I have ever used on a tiny device. But Palm stopped producing them many years back. eBay to the rescue. I paid $150 for one from a fellow in Hong Kong. A week later, I had it in my hands!

    A couple of days before receiving it, I got a call from the IS dept at my client. They had moved some old computers that were under the desk I was working at ... and had found my Tungsten C! It had slipped off the desk I was working at...

    They shipped it back to me ... and I rec'd it the same day as the box arrived from Hong Kong with the replacement... I now have two Tungsten C's, the one I use every day and the one I keep charged in case I lose the other one!!!

    The searching is incredibly fast. I've used Infoselect since version one and nothing has ever even come close to its abilities for me.

    I too wish they had it for the Blackberry. Sigh.
    I couldn't agree more!

    I have found an app by Rex Wireless called IdeaMatrix and will be test driving it soon. It appears as if it is the most similar BlackBerry app to InfoSelect. However, their video warns that long notes slow down searches. Which, as all InfoSlect users know is not a problem with IS. My turn to sigh...

    All the best for 2009,

    12-28-08 09:09 AM
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    I used the dos version of InfoSelect on my HP 200 palmtop until I replaced it with the BB8830 last January. I still miss that little computer and all of the applications that I had installed on it.
    12-28-08 11:13 AM
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    As mentioned before, I was going to test drive IdeaMatrix. I just did ... and have found it lacking when compared to InfoSelect!

    This is the suggestion I just sent to the RexWireless support group (after explaining what InfoSelect and InfoSelect for the Palm were):

    I found IdeaMatrix during a search for an InfoSelect replacement. I have just downloaded it and find that there are a number of major issues that will likely prevent me from purchasing IdeaMatrix:

    1. We need to have multiple folder levels inside drawers
    2. The folder names need to be longer
    3. A desktop version is needed for those of us that need to enter large amounts of information (web apps just don't cut it yet)
    4. We need to have a name associated with each note

    I would encourage you to take look at my ideas above and see if you can use them to improve IdeaMatrix!

    So it looks like I will continue to hang my Blackberry from my belt ... and carry my Tungsten C in my bag!

    All the best for 2009,

    12-28-08 04:27 PM
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    the Tungsten C the BEST PDA ever, WHY can't anybody make some kind of softwear to transfer the palm OS ( 32 bit system ) to the most common operating system around ?? being windows 7 ( 64 bit system )

    I used the tungsten to keep track of a collection, which was also sync'd to windows XP

    My understanding, the problem is the operating systems of 32 bit to the new 64 bit system.

    I have approx. 3.700 contacts in my address book ( my collection ) for keeping track.

    I do NOT want to have to try & re enter all these into my BB 9800...

    there is still alot of us diehard palm users out there, dreading the day our palm PDA's die...
    03-03-12 09:02 PM
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    I would like to comment on the InfoSelect situation. I am a 'newbee' to Crackberry, but I have been using InfoSelect since it was called Tornado Notes. I am a loyal and dedicated (addicted) customer of Micro Logic, but feel the company has almost abandoned its users. I currently run InfoSelect ver 5.00.14 concurrently with, ver 1.0. There are functions in both versions that I use daily which are exclusive to each other. As you can imagine, it requires duplication of efforts in inputting duplicate data. This is the result of the .wd2 files not being backward compatible with the .wd2 files. I realize this problem may not be applicable to many users, but the fact that Micro Logic would not support a fix for the Y2K date issue, forced me to run both programs since ver 1.0 will not recognize the date for the tickler file. I pleaded with the owner, Jim Lewis to fix the Y2K problem, to no avail.

    At any rate, yes, I would be so grateful if there were a way to access InfoSelect on my Blackberry Bold 9700 or even an Android phone (yikes!) for that matter. I am not familiar with using a Palm, so hate to try to go that route. Ultimately, while I do appreciate and prefer InfoSelect, I would like to have a program which would migrate/import the .wdxxx files so that the data is readable/usable. If there are any suggestions, I would me most grateful for the assistance!! Thanks!!!
    09-10-12 12:59 PM