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  • No more than $2.99

    11 68.75%
  • No more than $4.99

    3 18.75%
  • No more than $9.99

    2 12.50%
  • No more than $14.99

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  1. th89's Avatar
    Hey guys, just checking in to see if anyone would want this app released commercially. Currently under development, I have a remote control app for Windows Media Center and/or Boxee. The current version uses XMPP for sending the commands over the internet or wifi. Current latencies are ~0.5 secs. Proposed functionality would be to launch the program, and then your keystrokes (enter, back, QWERTY, etc) would be sent to your PC, which would be running the client software as a tray icon.

    From a user point of view you would install the free client software on your pc, then purchase the blackberry software from the BB App World. You would launch the program, select your preferred media center (BOXEE, WMC, etc) and then your keystrokes would be sent to the computer. Scroll up on the trackball/pad would scroll up on the pc, back would be back, etc.

    For the Poll, honestly state how much you would be willing to pay for such an app. This will give me an idea if it will be worth the effort and money to commercially release/support this. Thanks!
    02-17-10 02:31 PM
  2. Kiggold's Avatar
    IMHO you should not charge for a remote app.

    Besides, the iPod Touch / iPhone remote app is free.
    02-20-10 10:58 PM
  3. calisoldier83's Avatar
    this is cool. I'd like this plus if you can assign hotkeys to pause, ff, rw, exit, shutdown
    02-20-10 11:07 PM
  4. zaxxon's Avatar
    I'd pay around $2.99 if it would support the BlackBerry Storm2.
    02-24-10 06:15 PM
  5. papped's Avatar
    Pretty sure you'd do OK around $2.99, any higher is risky since this is sort of a niche product...
    02-24-10 06:21 PM
  6. rrossi's Avatar
    There is an app I wrote called Freemote Control and it's free. It's for Linux though. (can't post the link 'cause i don't have enough posts yet but you can do a search on google or youtube to find the link.
    03-09-10 10:54 AM