1. Samour's Avatar
    BlackBerry Protect no longer works. I got an unable to Backup message and it has failed every time since March 29.
    Has something changed with the app? Is it no longer supported?
    04-03-15 02:02 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    what device do you have? have you cheeked the web configuration to see what the issue might be? BB Protect is useless for BB10 so I haven't bothered with it much
    04-03-15 06:29 AM
  3. Samour's Avatar
    Yes no issue with the web config.
    It finally worked after manually trying like 5 times but apparently had been failing for like 15 times before that. I assume size is the same as a local backup which is about 10 MB so can't be a bandwidth issue.
    04-03-15 07:42 AM

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