1. ianch99's Avatar
    Running OS 6 on a Bold 9780 and everything is working fine except Blackberry Protect. The App runs ok and backs up without errors but when you try and contact the handset from the protect.blackberry.com website, you get the error "Unable to communicate with your device" most of the time. I say most of the time because if you start Protect app and then select the "Restart Blackberry Protect" menu option, the message (or sound) you have requested earlier comes through.

    I have just updated to the latest official Vodafone UK o/s (706) and no change. Seems to be a OS 6 and/or 9780 thing: we have two other BB's in the house (8900 and 9810) and Protect works fine on these (same network)

    If useful, here's some of the Support Information from Protect:

    Client App Version:
    OS Apps Version:
    Preloaded: false
    10-04-12 03:00 PM
  2. shellnsean's Avatar
    I've not once been able to get Blackberry Protect to locate my phone, it's never worked for me. I feel I've tried everything. Now I have whereareyougps.com and mainly, I just wanted to see if something was faulty with my GPS capability or what....because I had tried everything to get BP to work and it never has.
    I have a Bold 9930, newly wiped, started over, updated OS. I've deleted and re-installed BP and that didn't help either.

    I suppose it's great for backing up data (I've never reloaded data from it, I've just started over) but it doesn't seem to give errors with back up. Just can never locate the phone nor send a message.
    Like you mentioned, once it said "unable to send message" but then way later the message came.
    So I have no idea. LOL
    10-08-12 04:58 AM
  3. ianch99's Avatar
    Good to know it is not just me! What is strange is that we have 3 Blackberries in the house and only one (9810 OS7) works ok i.e. you can see the location, battery level, etc. on the Protect web site. The other two 8900 (OS 5) and 9780 (OS 6) have this timeout problem.

    How are you getting on with whereareyougps? I looked at their site and it says you do not get an App icon after install (security I guess) .. so how do you uninstall if you decide you do not like it?

    10-08-12 05:37 AM
  4. shellnsean's Avatar
    Well, it's pretty neat. There is no icon at all, so you just log on via website. It found my phone instantly, with a detailed street view and everything. The free version is good, and even the year subscription was on sale for only $14 and some cents. The paid version has more detailed options.
    But if you want to delete it, you can go to app world and it's listed there under "my downloads" or however your category is called.
    Then maybe you can delete it from online somehow too.

    Seems like it would give some peace of mind for kids at the bus stop, for example. Or even a lost phone maybe, as you can log on anywhere that has web access.
    10-08-12 07:34 AM