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    I live in the UK so I can't really use this app on my 9780. At least, it won't let me subscribe to anything. However, it is installed. I notice that with some podcasts I download and copy on to the device get listed in the Blackberry Podcasts app after the media refresh is complete. I can play them back and it saves my position which I really like.

    The trouble is I can't work out under what conditions they appear in that list. There must be something about the files I'm downloading that the app deems worthy for listing. Any ideas?

    Most of the titles are from the twit.tv podcast network but not all. They certainly seem more likely to appear in the list but its not always the case.

    02-14-12 01:06 AM
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    I use this app all the time for my long bus ride to/from work.

    I used to search the podcast listings in the app and subscribe, but I found they weren't as reliable as manually adding an RSS feed from the podcasts website.

    Also it seems there is an issue with it right now in which all my downloads are failing (see this post: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...on-2-a-697038/ ). Aside from that, maybe this can help:

    As I said, I usually manually add an RSS feed by going on my pc or using the bb browser to locate the podcast home page. From there I copy/paste the feed site to the podcast app. Also, the first time I add a feed I usually manually mark 1 or 2 podcasts to download as the app I think only starts the first one (newest) by default..

    A few things to check in the options of the app:
    -Is the download set to WiFi only? wifi is the default, and it will only download when you are on a wifi... I use this so I don't end up downloading over the cell network.
    -There is a setting for "When new episodes are found:", if set to download newest, it may only be downloading the latest ones and not any older ones... Once caught up to the current episodes I set it to "Newest"..
    -"When new episodes arrive, keep:" this setting has deleted podcasts from my phone in the past (my error I guess). I keep the last 4, but if your number is at 1 or something it may be deleting some..
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