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    I noticed conference feathers integrated in my BB Bolds 9900's Calendar Options (and in "new appointment"). Do I need to install "BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing" or it is integrated with OS 7's Calendar?

    10-01-11 01:16 AM
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    I don't believe it's integrated into OS7's calendar. That being said, the app itself doesn't appear to work with OS7 yet (or at least in my case). I have relied on this app in the past on my old phone (OS6) as it works very well to seemlessly join a conference call with a passcode. On my new phone (Bold 9930 / OS7), when choosing the Join function to join the call, the screen goes blank - almost as if the proximity sensor thinks the phone is against my face. Additionally, all the keys are rendered useless during the call. The ONLY thing that brings the screen and corresponding keyboard functionality back is to end the call.

    Interestingly, the app works fine when I'm bluetooth-connected. Guess this could confirm my assumption that it is proximity sensor related.

    Any help here on how to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
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