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    I posted the thread about the 3rd party for BB Messenger 5.0 a while back. We used to have a BB Messenger before that, runs directly from Blackberry and it was not the 3rd party application, which means the sms texting costs free from BB to BB owners (incl. the data plan). I was told from TMobile CS that we have 3rd party application downloaded for BB Messenger 5.0 that they do not support yet that means the sms texting is not free. And that it may cause the BB Messenger to disappear, redownload the old software. When the service have the 5.0 software update, we will get the new BB Messenger with it.

    Have you known that before?

    I have an old grandfather unlimited data plan with 400 domestic messaging for 24.99 a month for BB Curve 8320 I bought two years ago, still loving it. So, now my husband just bought a new Bold 9700 yesterday and keep his old data plan rate from Sidekick Lx for 24.99 a month. His new BB Messenger icon wasn't installed, I looked around and then decided to download the 3rd party application for BB Messenger, because I like their new features.

    Does this 3rd party BB application costs for SMS texting? Or should we re download the old software and wait till the new update? Because we use 400domestic messaging for Yahoo that our friends are not the BB owners and then my husband and I are the ones that use BB messenger, thinking that the sms are free. I'm confused. Any answers you have would be greatly helped. Thanks.
    11-19-09 09:02 PM
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    BBM 5.0 is not a third party app. It is an instant messenger created by Research In Motion. The messenger uses the internet to send messages, so if you have an unlimited data plan you should be set.

    This messenger DOES NOT use text messages
    11-19-09 10:33 PM