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    Hey Everyone

    I have a huge problem i think. i pluged my Blackberry 8520 into my laptop and updated my device after doing this thing were removed from my phone .. my BBM and my App World. i managed to install my BBM again but my BB App world doesn't want to i keep getting a message 'sorry your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Blackberry App World" i don't understand why it does this cause i did had it before and now all the sudden it doesn't want to download. Also what i notice is missing from my phone is the "Blackberry ID'' option is the settings folder. i have no idea what to do. tried everything i could think off but no luck. Tried doing it over the PC and load it on my Blackberry but that also doesn't help, i have a data plan (BIS) i have everything have V5.0 on the device this is the latest one there is no other version updates for the phone. like i said i did have App World before it is supported in my country (South Africa)

    Hope someone knows what to do if you do ... YOUR DAMM SMART
    04-21-12 03:38 PM
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    whenever u install an app from the desktop manager the BBID is deleted in order for the app to be installed. Learnt that the hard way like u did. U didn't have to reload your os though. Uninstall BBM, and try to download appworld ota from mobile.blackberry.com either over BIS or WIFI. then after the installation, restart the BB. then open appworld and allow it to install the BBID (if BIS doesn't work try WIFI), dont forget to check your APN settings before u do

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    04-21-12 06:01 PM