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    Block Calls

    Block Calls will block all unwanted incoming calls on your phone. You can maintain a blacklist of numbers that will never ring. When a caller on blacklist calls you, his call will be immediately rejected. You can add members to your blacklist in two different ways:

    • By selecting numbers from the address book
    • By typing in the number of the unwanted caller

    Never get disturbed by an unwanted caller or obnoxious marketer. Add these unwanted callers’ numbers to your blacklist and forget about having to deal with unwanted calls! You can also enable or disable the blacklist blocking service depending on when you want to take all calls.

    How to Configure
    After downloading and installing the application, run it from the menu. You will find the application icon in your “Downloads” folder. Start the application by clicking the icon and enter the registration key sent to you in the email. Add a few numbers to the black list and enable the service.

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