1. Iprojectit's Avatar
    For some time now I have not been able to access Blackberry AppWorld. When I try to open it, I get an error messsage. net_rim_bb_appworld:Symbol 'SecurityDialog.challenge User' not found
    I am able to download it fine from the website and when I click run, or try to access it from my menu screen, I get the error and it won't let me in. For a while I couldn't download Appworld but I think that is because I have been running for some time now and although it said the requirements were 4.6 or higher, the 5.0 wasn't compatible. All that has changed now but the error is there now. If you have any suggestions, let me know! I am starting to miss the AppWorld!
    11-24-09 12:35 PM
  2. fabuloso's Avatar is compatible with App World. Maybe you should update to that Beta version.

    In most cases, you should just try and delete the app, battery pull/reboot, reinstall, and reboot. Try that.
    11-24-09 12:54 PM
  3. Iprojectit's Avatar
    I did the delete, battery pull/reboot, reinstall,and reboot thing a few times.
    Upgrading is probably the way to go, thanks!
    11-25-09 02:13 PM