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    Hi, let me start by saying that I have never own a blackberry before and that this one belongs to my girlfriend (its a present I gave her). I bought the device in Chile and it was locked to Movistar, my brother had it before but he used it little and has no idea of it. Because of that I've paid for an unlock code online, it worked out just fine.
    Right now I am in Germany, we have a prepaid card from O2. We have paid 15 EUR for a flat rate internet connection and the phone has accepted the SIM Card without further problems. I guess internet its working cause I am able to surf with the browser icon from the home screen. It's really slow though!

    So after a while, when my gf was done playing around with her phone I told her that I was going to install her WHATSAPP, I have seen that in my phone appeared an app called "BLACKBERRY APP WORLD" that seemed to me like the right place where I could get it from. The first time I opened the app I got an error message saying something about an APN thing. Didnt know that it was so I called my friend google to find info about it... took me a while but at the end I found a place with a list of APN's and some instructions where to put the info on my phone. Right after that I went back to the app to try again... this time the first error message didnt apeared and the app started loading something, after a few secs the app tells me that in order to use it I have to install a new version of it.... I pressed UPDATE and it opened a browser windows that sends me to a blackberry website where shows me info about the app and where somewhere says DOWNLOAD IT TODAY... I went there and a new white site appears saying : "Downloads via a USB connection are not enabled for this product. Please visit our mobile download site using the browser on your BlackBerry® smartphone."

    I have tried many times and I have been reading many things, but I still have no answer to what I can do to fix this.

    To be honest I kinda dont care about all the other apps, I just want to install the WHATSAPP thing... so I have tried going to: WhatsApp for BlackBerry but I am getting a message saying that I need to user the blackberry browser, I have no idea what means that... but following the instructions they are giving to use the right browser I see that I have the Blackberry browser in my configuration (plus + I have the option to decide between WAP and HOTSPOT... no idea there, but I have WAP).


    BLACKBERRY 8520 - v5,0,0,592 (is it the latest one?)
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    01-03-12 04:53 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!

    Does the phone have a BlackBerry data plan associated with it?
    01-04-12 08:57 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!

    Does the phone have a BlackBerry data plan associated with it?
    I does have one, from O2... but a normal one, I think... I've just asked for a data plan! I mean I didnt even know that theres a special data plan for Blakberry phones O_o
    01-04-12 02:21 PM
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    That's most likely the root of the issues. Without access to the RIM servers, you limit the phone's capabilities greatly.
    01-04-12 02:45 PM
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    U can use wifi to download the latest version of appworld to your BB. Even using your current service as well, open the blackberry browser and do a google search for appworld. The link should take u to blackberry's site and simple navigation should guide u to getting it downloaded.
    04-09-12 12:14 AM
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    Try use wifi to rectify issue connecting. If it works then check ur data service
    04-09-12 04:43 AM