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    Has anyone had or been able to solve the "unknown purchase error" when trying to buy an app from App World?

    I have tried:
    - Battery pull
    - Deleting / reinstalling App World
    - Clearing the cache
    - Doublechecking my PayPall account for a valid credit card
    - Adding my mobile phone # to the PayPall account
    - Followed all directions on the Blackberry forums for this issue and no one has any additional resolutions

    I am able to:
    - download free Apps (no purchase requirement)

    I cannot download any App for purchase.
    - I get the PayPall login
    - I'm able to login
    - I select a funding source
    - I click "Buy Now"
    - I get "unknown purchase error!"

    I have the newer version of App World obviously having just reinstalled it yesterday ( or whatever it is)
    I'm running the new Bold 9650 on Sprint with the out of box OS 5.0, no leaked software here.
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