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    You know, I've had berries for quite a while and was always okay with them. With all the new technology coming out I've been curious about switching to something new because blackberries really haven't done anything new..

    Well, what they did was release blackberry app world and I like free stuff as much as the next person but today I was going to dive in. There have been a few apps that have caught my eye over the past while and I figured tonight, what the ****-let me buy a few. Well I hit purchase and it said I need a valid paypal account. That's the biggest FAIL I experienced.

    I commend crackberry for their app application because I can (and I have!) Punched in my CC# and the stuff got shipped..

    Why can't BB app world be just as user friendly?!


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    06-04-10 06:40 PM
  2. berkdavis's Avatar
    Because PayPal is more secure than sending CC information to a merchant who may or may not be shady. If you open a PayPal account, you can link it to a credit card or bank account so that it takes the funds from those sources. You do not have to leave money in it.
    06-04-10 07:13 PM