1. dw.allen's Avatar
    Can anyone help me? I recently downloaded applications in blackberry app world. then when i found that they were not useful to me i deleted them. after deleting the apps in app world and from my device, it still shows them in my app world window, as uninstalled. Is there a way to remove this?
    03-24-10 11:48 PM
  2. JoeMD's Avatar

    First off, welcome rookie! The answer to your question is in the 3rd Party BalackBerry apps forum in the thread "How to delete "Uninstalled/archived" apps from app world?" Below is from page 2, post#27. Success!

    There is a way to get rid of uninstalled apps from my world so that you dont have to look at them. From the my world page, complete the following:

    For keyboard based blackberries: Hold down the ALT key and type r s t

    For the Storm: Hold down the number lock key (?123) till it locks, then type 3 4 (

    This will clear out all your uninstalled app from your phone.

    03-25-10 02:46 PM