1. debbugger's Avatar
    For anyone who didnt see it posted in the comments, if u install new app world running os full leak, although I'm sure original leak is the same, after you download new app world and it asks you to reboot phone now, dont. click on later, then do a battery pull. If you do not do this, it will still show app world
    09-30-09 03:20 PM
  2. coop5571's Avatar
    I chose reboot phone now, and it shows up just fine version Also logged in to paypal and my $ signs are showing up correctly. Could be an isolated issue.
    09-30-09 05:19 PM
  3. blaisedinsd's Avatar
    still vanishes when you reboot after deleting an archived app on .230.

    I don't see anything different with it so far.
    09-30-09 06:01 PM
  4. PossumPete's Avatar
    Mine did that, too! When I deleted an archived app, it took AppWorld with it. Also, it doesn't ask to reboot. It just shows up as but it still works OK with .230.
    09-30-09 06:37 PM