1. sppunk's Avatar
    I'm on a Curve 8320, using Opera Mini 5 (with latest OS for the Curve).

    I've reinstalled Opera now six times, and this problem won't stop. A few times a day I am unable to click on any of the menu icons. My mouse moves around, and I can click to bring up the bookmark / settings menu but nothing happens when I click on those words. I also cannot click on the speeddial menu and bring it up.

    A battery pull corrects the problem, but powering the phone off does not. Any ideas other than ditching this (and again losing all my bookmarks) and reinstalling 4?

    I love 5 and wish it worked, but this is ******** having to do three battery pulls a day just to go to a freaking bookmark of mine.
    06-04-10 05:04 PM