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    This app is epic in its obviousness and usefulness. No more having to browse to a page, copy the address, open bit.ly, paste the address, submit the request, copy the shortened address and finally open your fav twitter client and paste the shortened address in your tweet.

    With Bit.ly's new app called Bitlify, simply navigate to the page you want to shorten the address of, click the menu button and select bitlify. It will give you the option of taking the shortened address and either email or sms it to you or simply copy the short url for easy pasting into your twitter client for sharing.

    I'm so glad an app like this has been developed, as the absurdly long and annoying procedure for sharing links has become one-click functionality! This is an essential app for All BB Twitter users. Enjoy!

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    04-01-09 09:25 PM
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    It would help if I gave the link: Four "must have" BlackBerry apps and a game all absolutely free - Page 1

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    04-01-09 09:26 PM
  3. EvolutionCSR's Avatar
    Thank's was not aware of this, definetely is going to be useful.

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    04-02-09 12:17 AM
  4. ninja please's Avatar
    I saw this when I was *trying* to get the elusive social scope invite, but I thought it was a web-based thing not an app... seems pretty useful though.
    04-02-09 05:05 AM
  5. stevemedes's Avatar
    Still loving this app. I use Twitter on my berry now alot more because of this app. Before I avoided sharing links because it was such a hassle.
    04-07-09 12:02 PM
  6. tgaines's Avatar
    Very secksy!!!

    This will come in HANDY
    09-08-09 11:29 AM