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    This might be interesting for security conscious BlackBerry users.

    We have just released our open source BlackBerry application which automatically encrypts all email sent to and from a BlackBerry smartphone with S/MIME. Djigzo for BlackBerry is BIS compatible.

    Djigzo for BlackBerry is an add-on to the built-in BlackBerry mail application and should be used in combination with the Djigzo open source email encryption gateway. The most difficult part of email encryption is key management. Djigzo for BlackBerry therefore relies on the Djigzo gateway for most certificate management functions.

    Some of the features:

    * S/MIME encryption and digital signing using X.509 certificates.
    * All email is protected with an encrypted S/MIME tunnel.
    * Compatible with BIS.
    * Compatible with existing S/MIME clients (like Outlook and Lotus Notes).
    * Message body and attachments are encrypted. HTML email supported.
    * Uses BlackBerry encryption functionality (3DES, AES, X.509, S/MIME).
    * Compatible with the BlackBerry smart card reader.
    * Messages are stored on the BlackBerry smartphone in encrypted form.

    Djigzo binaries and source can be downloaded freely from our website. For more information see our website at www(dot)djigzo(dot)com

    Djigzo open source email encryption
    04-28-10 05:02 AM