1. rpanicke's Avatar
    Anyone else getting Sync errors with Google Sync recently? My last successful sync was just before the BIS update and I am running the latest version of Google Mobile App and Google Sync on OS ver I have already tried signing in/out, restarting, the standard troubleshoot steps.

    Anyone got any ideas what's going on?

    Sync error | TweetPhoto

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    03-28-10 05:06 PM
  2. unclebanglin's Avatar
    i had a successful sync about an hour ago...what prob are you having? is it just reporting that sync attempts are unsuccessful, or is there something more?
    03-28-10 05:11 PM
  3. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    Mine is working okay. Despite what the sig says I'm running .591. (Haven't changed the signature yet.) Did a sync about 30 mins ago. Haven't noticed anything different with BIS 3.0 at all. No interference with GoogleSYNC as you've experienced either...

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    03-28-10 05:20 PM
  4. rpanicke's Avatar
    Here's a link to screen shot of the error message I get

    Sync error | TweetPhoto
    03-28-10 05:23 PM
  5. xeju's Avatar
    I just ran a sync to test it. It was successful, but nothing changed. (That's the correct behavior.) I'm running on a 9700.
    03-28-10 05:27 PM
  6. happygirl7973's Avatar
    I'm on .405 and I'm syncing with no trouble. I wonder what's wrong?

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    03-28-10 07:12 PM
  7. jlp916's Avatar
    i just did a test and mine synced fine.
    03-28-10 08:48 PM
  8. unclebanglin's Avatar
    I had a new question related to the BIS update and google sync, would love some input


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    03-29-10 12:25 PM