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    One application in my "most wanted" list for my BlackBerry is a birding app/field guide. I came across David Sibley's blog and it has posted, "BlackBerry version" of his field guide is coming soon!

    Sibley Guides

    03-18-11 08:47 AM
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    Very nice indeed. Won't have to carry my field book with me maybe. Thanks for sharing

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    03-18-11 08:54 AM
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    I've been tracking the status of this app since it was released for iPhone months ago. Very excited.
    03-18-11 09:41 AM
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    It would be interesting to see how big this app ends up being for the BB. All the photos and data are gonna eat up a lot of real estate. The Android version is $29.99...
    03-18-11 09:50 AM
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    Obviously it's been pushed back to April. This is going to be one expensive app. I'm wondering how many megs it's going to be also. My wife is going to get the ipod/ipad/iphone version. Should look amazing on the ipad!
    04-06-11 06:27 AM
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    Good news! This app is now available in BlackBerry App World for $29.99 for you fellow bird enthusiasts.
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    05-10-11 11:56 AM
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    Only 669 KB! I thought it would be a much larger file.

    Once you get the program, you have to install files from the internet. That's another 361 MB. That's what I figured. I think it loads onto the Device Memory not in App Memory.
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    05-11-11 06:04 AM
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    I am assuming you downloaded the app and used it? Have you found a way to control the volume during playback of songs and calls?

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    05-11-11 09:46 AM
  9. PossumPete's Avatar
    There are definitely some bugs in there. I didn't play with the volume but now that you mention it, no I can't control the volume. I also can't stop the sound playback at all. I also couldn't scroll once it goes into "Info". I figured that out - tap and swipe.

    I couldn't find any instructions on how to make this work. Through trial and error I found out how to search for a particular species. In case you didn't know, press on the open space just below the list title bar and type away.

    There also should be some options for "My List" like sorting by species or date or location. Plus, it should go to that species' page if you double tap it.

    All in all though, it's a great app that looks really good on the Storm screen. Not suer that it would look as good on a smaller screen.
    05-12-11 09:53 AM
  10. ETW11's Avatar
    I talked to David Sibley and he acknowledged that there were some bugs. He said they're going to push an update in a couple of weeks that will correct the bugs and add the ability to search by location.

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    05-12-11 09:57 AM
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    The update is out. It adds an intro, tool tips, and a new sorting feature. Unfortunately, CrAppWorld is charging $30 for it. The software changed versions from 1.0 to 2.0. If they'd have gone to 1.1, it would probably be a free upgrade. But Noooooooo! Looks like I'll be sticking with 1.0 for awhile.
    05-28-11 06:32 AM
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    Unfortunately, CrAppWorld is charging $30 for it. The software changed versions from 1.0 to 2.0. If they'd have gone to 1.1, it would probably be a free upgrade.
    That's nothing to do with AppWorld and everything to do with the developer choosing to charge for an update.
    05-28-11 10:48 AM
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    The app costs $30 and the upgrade costs $30. That's $60 within the first month of release. That's a lot to pay! There's got to be some kind of mistake. I hope he fixes it.

    Update: That is not the right price for the upgrade. The developer is working on the fix.
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    05-28-11 01:59 PM
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    Hi everyone.

    I work for the development company of the Sibley Birds application for Blackberry - MyDigitalEarth.

    I noticed the comments about the $30 charge for the upgrade to the latest version of the application - that was indeed a mistake and has since been rectified.

    The update in the AppWorld at the moment (v3) will hopefully address a lot of the concerns raised in this thread? It is of course a free upgrade.

    PossumPete: thanks for your comments and suggestions for the application! We're looking to continually improve and will certainly look at implementing the features you suggested should be there.
    06-06-11 05:08 AM
  15. 757EliasHZ's Avatar
    I purchased this app right when it came out; for months now I keep checking and the upgrade everytime has been $29.99. Is this correct.

    07-27-11 06:33 PM
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    According to the latest Sibley Guide website posting (Feb 13, 2013) one feature that is still not available for the Blackberry (but available for the iPhone and Android phones) is the ability to "compare" because of the smaller, non-touchscreen of the Blackberry phones do not make this possible. Hopefully, Sibley will develop and incorporate that feature in BB10.

    If someone already has the current Sibley Guide for Blackberry, can you post a couple of screenshots, preferably on the Playbook?
    02-16-13 05:47 PM
  17. 312Lorden's Avatar
    It's almost 2 years from original post on Sibley's Guide. I wonder if there is any further development? Waiting for BB10?

    Any other bird guides? iBird, Cornell Lab app for PB? We need something. Can iBird be ported (side loaded?) over to the PB?
    02-18-13 04:04 PM