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    Im surprised nobody has mentioned or written a review about this application but here are some of its features:

    * cheap calls from any mobile
    * call recording
    * online call and message review
    * block/send caller id
    * setup multiple caller id
    * setup multiple call back numbers
    * auto recharge your account
    * manual account top up
    * MMS & SMS from your PC
    * web based address book
    * twitter updates on your calls, TXT, emails from your Blackberry

    the interface is pretty snappy and i dont seem to find any lag at all.you can also upload and store files(pictures,videos,etc)directly to their website and be able to retrieve it from this application.This also works like te picture dail application for you to call your contacts.(see screen shots below)
    i know alot of people have been asking about a call recording application and this does thatBest of all this application is FREE!!!!(except for international calls and SMS)

    you can find out more at : BigTinCan: Cheap calls & messages for iPhone, PC, Blackberry, Android or WinMobile or go to APP world from your blackberry.

    Sorry bout the short review......am working and posting at the same time lol.......Enjoy it
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    08-09-09 01:26 PM
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    I downloaded it and every time I use it to dial China, I get a message that the phone number doesn't exist (when in fact it does). When I do get connected, it's a wrong number. And, yes, when I direct dial the number (which is in my contacts) not using the BigTinCan app, it connects with the right person.

    It would be a great program if it actually worked....

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    08-09-09 03:33 PM
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    thxs kkwus74... i have been using the application to call my friends/family in Germany from the UK and it works great..... Just cant believe how cheap it is and how easy the app is to use. I love the face dialling its works well on my storm and bold...., but i prefer to use face dialling on the storm tho ... You should really check it out guys...
    08-10-09 05:38 PM
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    Hi i just downloaded their new 2.2 version they released ... its much better and it works much better now ... seems like they have fixed a lot of bugs and issues with it ....its a must app now ... love it even more....

    i downloaded it from their wap page @ bigtincan.com/wap
    08-18-09 05:58 PM